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Cardinals Reacts Week 9: Are you surprised to see the Arizona Cardinals were able to trade Josh Dobbs?

The Arizona Cardinals were able to trade Josh Dobbs, does that surprise you?

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

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The Arizona Cardinals made one move at the trade deadline, and it was one no one really expected until Sunday evening.

No, the Cardinals traded Josh Dobbs on Tuesday and ended his brief eight game tenure as the Arizona Cardinals signal caller, paving the way for Clayton Tune to get his first start before Kyler Murray is fully back and starting.

So, were you surprised to see the Arizona Cardinals deal Dobbs to the Minnesota Vikings and were you even more surprised to see that they were able to get anything at all for him?

As always, we look forward to seeing how you vote, and if you vote and want to expound on why, please do in the comments and let us know.

Also, don’t forget to vote in our confidence poll about where your confidence in the direction of the franchise.

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