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Arizona Cardinals open as slight home underdogs in their matchup with Los Angeles Rams

They’re still underdogs, but the Cardinals line is the lowest of the season.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

This is the first time in a long time we have seen the Arizona Cardinals open as this small of an underdog, but that is what Kyler Murray brings.

According to our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook, the Arizona Cardinals are only one-point home underdogs to the Los Angeles Rams ahead of their matchup on Sunday.

The Cardinals had a number of chances to get back-to-back wins in their road loss to the Houston Texans, but could not find a play to get the job done.

Now, they get a Rams team coming off a narrow victory over the Seattle Seahawks and that win puts them two games ahead of the Arizona Cardinals for third in the division.

It also hurts the Seahawks playoff chances, which let’s be honest, division misery is always fun.

Can the Cardinals get their third home win of the season?

What are your thoughts on the Cardinals chances to get win three this week?