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Cardinals Reacts: Cardinals fans want to see the team to continue to address the offensive line

Checking out the results of the Arizona Cardinals reacts survery.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Tuesday one and all.

This is the follow-up from last weeks question on what the Arizona Cardinals should do with their early draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Now, after a weekend in where they lost to the Houston Texans, I wanted to show the results and start a discussion.

First off, the results.

The offensive line is like cornerback, it always needs to be addressed. No team can ever say they have enough.

However, after this weekend I think it is pretty evident that the offensive line needs another anchor along it, but the cornerback situation is bad.

Marco Wilson is perhaps the worst starter in the NFL, but what about helping them out by getting pressure more consistently?

While sacks are kings, getting consistent pressure is important and the Cardinals lack that. They are a top ten team in sacks, which is great. However the rest of the pass rushing stats are abysmal.

They are the third worst team in pressure percentage, they are bottom ten in hurries and they are the worst team in quarterback hits (plays where the QB is knocked down but gets rid of the ball).

So they are a true feast or famine team in terms of sacks.

They either get a sack, or they don’t do anything. It is the lack of consistent pressure that feels like it is needing to be addressed the most, but how do you feel?

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