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Who’s to blame for the Cardinals’ loss to the Texans?

Rehashing the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Houston Texans.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Happy gameday one and all.

Jess and I were unable to get a preview done this week, as we enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday as well.

So, instead I waited to release our review episode til today so we could have something for gameday.

Jess and I discussed the Texans game and what happened with the Arizona Cardinals.

Then we talked about where the Cardinals are in year one of their rebuild, and can they continue to improve with all the injuries they are dealing with?

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Times and topics:

(1:00) Kyler Murray’s play

(23:09) Who is to blame for the loss?

(33:53) How close are the Cardinals to what they want to be?

(46:00) More injuries