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Arizona Cardinals embarrassed at home in loss to Los Angeles Rams

The Cardinals were not competitive at home against the Los Angeles Rams.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was a miserable day at the office for the Arizona Cardinals.

This will be interesting to see how they respond, because it doesn’t get much easier from here and they have a lot of decisions to make and they don’t seem particularly close to being able to compete.

The Cardinals couldn’t stop the Los Angeles Rams rushing attack at all, as Kyren Williams once again looked like the best running back in the NFL, as the Rams controlled the game in their 37-14 win.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals offense is not good, some of it is the scheme. Some of it is the personnel. A whole lot of it is the offensive line.

I’ve never seen an offensive line get called for holding on inside zone plays as much as the Cardinals. Even in high school and youth football, inside zone allows the line to get into their guy without having to hold. Yet, in Arizona, it is three to four times a game you see an inside zone play get called for a hold.

The Rams were getting pressure bringing three or four only and dropping seven or eight.

This is not a sustainable situation.

Meanwhile, the defense got carved up again by Kyren Williams and Matthew Stafford.

Embarrassing effort all around.