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No, Joshua Dobbs did not cost the Arizona Cardinals a compensatory draft pick

Amidst discussion over Josh Dobbs’ contract while starting for the Cardinals and Vikings, there was one key free agent signing that was forgotten who proved Monti Ossenfort DIDN’T make a misstep after all...

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

There was a bit of worry amongst Cardinals fans over Joshua Dobbs.

No, it wasn’t over if the Cardinals should have kept the Vikings’ signal-caller who had a solid first 3 games before some regression (sound familiar?)

It was over his contract situation. contributor Nick Korte started a discussion on Twitter looking at the Cardinals’ draft situation with the team losing Zach Allen to the Broncos this offseason.

(full thread below):

(For those unfamiliar, depending on free agents signed & free agent departures, teams can gain compensatory picks according to a formula)

This made the rounds along Cardinals twitter, with the base idea being that Josh Dobbs, by nature of his contract & making enough $$$ by playing for both Arizona AND Minnesota.

Many had expected that Zach Allen was going to fetch Arizona a 4th with his Broncos deal and bemoaned that Arizona seemingly gave up a heftier amount than expected and wondered if Arizona had made a slip-up.

(If you’ve spent time in Cardinals forums, Twitter or social, or even follow those on our website, you may have seen this) and it’s no knock on Nick as he does good work.

This was not true, however.

Arizona Sports’ John Gambadoro was able to correct this with information that showed that...Arizona wasn’t ever going to receive a compensatory pick.

That’s right. It wasn’t Joshua Dobbs. It wasn’t even Allen or Murphy.

It was Hjalte Froholdt.

Him hitting as a starter (gaining additional incentives) for the Arizona Cardinals that was the forgotten man.

So in hindsight, if you were a Cardinals fan who thought that Monti Ossenfort and the Cardinals made a flub...does this feel better?

Sure it might be rough being told “you’re not getting ice cream” but when you find out that there wasn’t any ice cream, it’s better, no?

So Arizona ended up benefitting from Josh Dobbs without giving up too much and he’s benefitted the Cardinals further by winning a few games for the Vikings...and losing to their “draft rival” in the Chicago Bears.

Appreciation for Gambadoro for helping on this story.

What are your thoughts, Cardinals fans?