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Reactions to the Josh Dobbs trade, Cardinals’ loss to Ravens

The Arizona Cardinals lose to the Ravens then trade Josh Dobbs.

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-7, and this last week was one of the stranger ones of the season.

They lost again, not a surprise as the Baltimore Ravens were huge road favorites coming into this game, but it ended up being closer than anyone expected.

Meanwhile, the day after they decided to make a quarterback change and then on Tuesday they traded Josh Dobbs to the Minnesota Vikings.

So of course, Jess and I needed to discuss all of that and more in the first episode of the week.

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Times and topics:

(1:00) The quarterback situation – Josh Dobbs, the trade and who starts in Week 9

(26:43) The positives in the Cardinals’ loss to the Ravens

(44:46) The negatives from the loss