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Arizona Cardinals shutout by Cleveland Browns in sixth straight loss

The Arizona Cardinals were held without a score in their loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals helped the Cleveland Browns make history.

It has been since Dec. 16, 2007 when the Browns last had a shutout.

Now, they have one as the Browns beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-0.

On top of that, the Arizona Cardinals failed to gain 100 yards of total offense on the day.

The Cardinals made the decision to get a little something for Josh Dobbs and in turn they made the move to Clayton Tune.

Well, we saw why the coaching staff had been keeping Dobbs in there as the Cardinals had a historically awful day on offense.

Now, after a 1-8 start, the Cardinals have to hope that Kyler Murray comes back and makes this team at least competent, or even next year will be bad.

The defense did not look bad, just cannot expect them to hold up for so much of the game most weeks.

They still lack a lot of talent at either the pass rushing or coverage positions, but they compete and are in place to make plays.

No, this is about the lack of ability to do anything on offense.

This team needs help.

Can Kyler Murray and the pending return of James Conner offer that?

We are onto the Atlanta Falcons and will hopefully be finding out about that soon enough.