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Arizona Cardinals will activate Kyler Murray from PUP on Wednesday, likely to start against Falcons

The Arizona Cardinals could have their quarterback back in the fold on Sunday.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The long nightmare may finally be over.

The Arizona Cardinals have won two games since they got to 3-4 and beat the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football last year.

Since then, they lost two games with Kyler Murray starting (we can call it three including the New England Patriots game) and are 2-14 without him.

Now, they could get him back this week and that may allow the team to be a little more competitive.

So now, they need to get Murray up to speed as much as possible because they have a much better chance to win their next three games compared to what we have seen over the first nine games of the 2023 NFL season.

The other piece to watch is, could James Conner be back this week? We know he made life much, much easier for Josh Dobbs, so he would without a doubt help out Kyler and this offense as well.

Fingers crossed, we can get a great idea of Kyler Murray and what he can do over the final eight games of the season.