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The Cardinals and the 2024 NFL draft order, Drew Petzing on Kyler Murray and the final four games of 2023

Post-bye week topics: NFL draft order, Kyler Murray a franchise QB, what to see to end the year

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Happy Friday one and all, we have made it.

The Arizona Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, and that seems like it will be a rough one.

However, Jess and I wanted to sit down and discuss a number of topics, starting with the 2024 NFL Draft.

From there, do the Cardinals win anymore games, what to make of Drew Petzing on Kyler Murray and more.

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Times and topics:

(1:00) Week 14 upset weekend, looking at the teams around the Cardinals in the 2024 NFL draft order

(29:22) How man more wins will/should the Cardinals get

(39:21) Is Kyler a franchise QB?

(53:01) What we want to see from the Cardinals in the final four games