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San Francisco 49ers flex their offensive muscle in win over Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals were beat by the San Francisco 49ers 45-29.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It was exactly what we worried about.

The San Francisco 49ers have too many weapons and too much firepower and it showed in their win over the Arizona Cardinals 45-29.

It is one of those game, you take away the pick six, and the defense still gave up 35.

This Niners offense has been just insane the last month of the season.

However, I was a bit surprised and maybe it is a good sign, that the Cardinals offense looked good once again.

The run game was borderline dominant, rolling up over 200 plus yards in the game, but the lack of anyone outside of Trey McBride to get open as a receiving option is staggering and it highlights that they need to address that position.

Defensively, no one really stops the Niners, but today it was just too many blown assignments. Nick Rallis got beat on the 3-11 blitz call, as Brock Purdy and George Kittle made a great site adjustment, but then Jalen Thompson gets beat in coverage and they leave Christian McCaffrey open for an easy touchdown.

It was sequences like that all day.

The Cardinals offense was not bad today. They just never had a chance on defense.

Onto the Chicao Bears.