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Cardinals-Bears second half open thread

The Arizona Cardinals trail the Chicago Bears at the half.

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The warts of the Arizona Cardinals were showing themselves in the first half.

The Cardinals got not much from their defense, they struggled to stop the run, they can’t locate the ball on scramble plays on offense or defense, and they had two big drops.

Yet, they somehow managed to get one score in the endzone, then got stops and were moving the ball a little bit once again before the half.

Now, they get to see if they can find a way to come out and push the ball down the field a little bit and cut the deficit and maybe make this a game.

The lack of defensive plays is concerning but not surprising, but it was the two drops that once again highlight the Cardinals just need for someone to help make a play.

Outside of James Conner and Kyler Murray today, there has not been a lot of plays being made.

Lets hope for a better second half.