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Lou Anarumo Has the Head Coaching Gravitas the Cardinals Need

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Amid yesterday’s buzz surrounding the Arizona Cardinals purported interest in Eagles’ DC Jonathan Gannon, the speculation was that Gannon could be putting together the most impressive coaching staff, particularly if he was to attract an OC like the Chiefs’ Eric Bienemy.

Although, here is what PHNX Cardinals’ Howard Balzer is hearing:

Would the Cardinals’ players be instantly impressed with a Gannon/Petzig pairing?

What the Cardinals need to do, more than anything else, is get the right man in place as head coach.

Lou Anarumo is the right man.

He’s more proven, more savvy and more masterful at game planning.

Even if Jonathan Gannon can assure the Cardinals of being able to bring Eric Bienemy with him as OC, one could make a cogent argument that Eric Bienemy is a stronger head coaching candidate than Gannon at this point in Gannon’s young, NFL career.

The Cardinals need the head coach to be the alpha in the room.

Budda Baker alluded to this over the weekend when he told reporters that the Cardinals need a “real” head coach —- one who is comfortable being himself —- one who will keep things “real.”

There is one key concept to add to these descriptors: gravitas.

Simply put, NFL head coaches with gravitas are ones whom their players look up to with respect.

Lou Anarumo has the gravitas to win the Cardinals’ players’ confidence.

Lou Anarumo has Carson Palmer’s support:

Talk about keeping things “real.” Who keeps perspectives more real than Carson Palmer?

NFL Rankings: Anarumo vs. Gannon


  • Anarumo: YPG: 16th —- PPG: 6th —- QBR: 1st
  • Gannon: YPG: 2nd —- PPG: 7th —- QBR: 3rd


  • Anarumo: YPG: 9th —- PPG: 5th —- QBR: 1st
  • Gannon: YPG: 8th —- PPG: 11th —- QBR: 11th

Defensive Pro Bowlers 2021 + 2022

  • Anarumo: Trey Hendrickson
  • Gannon: Haason Reddick, Darius Slay, Javon Hargrave, Josh Sweat

Mike Kafka’s offensive Rankings 2022:

  • YPG: 18th (10 more yards per game than 2022 Cardinals)
  • PPG: 15th (1.5 more points per game than 2022 Cardinals)
  • QBR: 14th (12 points higher than 2022 Cardinals)

Given how poor the Giants’ offense was in 2021 an, in light of Daniel Jones’ 2021 struggles, Mike Kafka’s 2022 rankings are impressive, especially for a first year OC —- but, they are still middle of the pack.

The gist is —- reaching for Mike Kafka or Jonathan Gannon at this early point in their careers, where they have a combined total of 3 seasons as NFL coordinators —- feels very awkward in a kind of * “deja vu all over again” way. *Thank you, Yogi Berra.

Anarumo’s Key Stats:

Lou Anarumo’s last four games versus Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs:

  • Bengals: 3 -1.
  • Mahomes’ average QBRs in those 4 games: 72.8
  • Mahomes’ QBR vs. Eagles in Chiefs’ 38-35 W last night: 96.4.

Lou Anarumo is the most qualified of the Cardinals head coaching candidates. He would bring manifestations of expertise and gravitas that would command the instant respect of the Cardinals’ players. In essence, as Budda Baker and Carson Palmer are calling for, Lou Anarumo would keep things “real.”