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Arizona Cardinals new head coach Jonathan Gannon meets Kyler Murray and makes you want to run through a brick wall

NFL: NOV 27 Packers at Eagles Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have their head coach in Jonathan Gannon and he has already got some face time with Kyler Murray.


Maybe, just maybe one of the bigger things that we need to do is not assume things that are not known, instead go with what we know.

Jonathan Gannon is a high energy guy who is well respected in the NFL.

He is excited to be here and dropped everything to go and meet his quarterback in Kyler Murray.

Gannon is a guy with an infectious energy and a strong belief in his players and what they can do.

Now we know the Cardinals got their guy, someone Monti Ossenfort wanted from jump, just couldn’t interview him, and that Kyler Murray is not just here, but in the building working out and trying to get prepared.

Which has Gannon hyped as well.

Fans should be excited about this and not try and turn every single thing into a negative.