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What About MOJO and G-RO?

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now, I understand that former Ravens’ OC Greg Roman (aka G-RO) has a fair split of fans and detractors, depending on one’s taste for a run-heavy 12 and 13 personnel style of offense. Thus, I am mindful of the possibility that some of you might immediately scoff at the notion of the Cardinals taking an interest in hiring Greg Roman to be the OC.

However, if you want to hear me through, maybe I can make some sense as to the reasons why G-RO might actually be a brilliant choice at this time and place for the Arizona Cardinals.


  • Under G-RO the Cardinals could have the one of the top rushing attacks in the NFL.
  • This could take some huge weight off of Kyler Murray’s shoulders.
  • This could be a boon for the defense, seeing as G-RO’s offenses consistently win time of possession —-often by a lot. (see rankings below)
  • The Cardinals have two excellent TEs in Zach Ertz and Trey McBride. They could re-sign Maxx Williams who has played in G-RO’s offense before and is, as we know, one of the best blocking TEs in football. Bernhard Seikovitz looks like he is developing into big, physical TE with reliable hands. Plus, this is a very good draft in 2023 for TEs.
  • Kyler Murray is excellent at throwing to TEs and prefers to throw to TEs when he throws over the middle and up the seams or on wheel routes.
  • James Conner is made to order for a G-RO offense. Imagine adding another UFA RB like Kareem Hunt (CLE) or Jamaal Williams (DET). Imagine developing Keaontay Ingram.
  • G Ben Powers (6-4, 338) is a UFA (BAL) and has been a stalwart in G-RO’s system. Kyler and Hollywood (fellow Sooners) love Powers and have been trying to urge him to join them in Arizona. How about signing Powers and re-signing Will Hernandez (who had a good convo with JG yesterday, as did D.J. Humphries, Josh Jones and Kelvin Beachum)?
  • Hollywood Brown played well in G-RO’s system, but wanted more targets. If the Cardinals trade D-Hop, then Hollywood could get the most targets at WR. The point is —- Hollywood already knows the offense and G-RO could expand Hollywood’s role. Hollywood and Rondale Moore are twin home run threats, particularly off play-action.
  • Imagine what a strong running game could do for Kyler’s play-action passing.
  • 2019 AP NFL Assistant Coach of the Year
  • G-RO’s Time of Possession: 2022: 7th; 2021: 6th; 2020: 6th; 2019: 1st —- talk about consistency —- top 10 every year.
  • G-RO’s Rushing Yards Per Game: 2022: 2nd; 2021: 3rd; 2020: 1st; 2019: 1st —- this is a clinic.
  • D-RO’s Points Per Game: 2022: 19th; 2021: 17th; 2020: 7th*, 2019: 1st* —- *Lamar was healthy, missed multiple games in 2022 and 2021. Top 10 when Lamar stays healthy.
  • Imagine, then what G-RO could do with a more accurate passer and faster runner in Kyler.

I think this is fascinating to think about.

What do you think?