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Vance Joseph lands defensive coordinator job with Denver Broncos

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals former defensive coordinator did not have a problem finding a new job, even with the delay in the Cardinals hiring a new head coach.

Vance Joseph has agreed to terms with the team he was a former head coach for, the Denver Broncos.

Joseph will be a defensive coordinator for the Broncos and newly acquired head coach Sean Payton.

Joseph’s defenses had fell down a bit over the last season for the Arizona Cardinals, but last year in 2021, he had the Cardinals as a team with the 11th best defense in the NFL (points). The best defense that Joseph has coached in his time as a defensive coordinator or head coach.

Now, he takes over the 14th ranked defense (points) with what the Broncos are hoping is a much improved offense (I mean it was 32nd so it has to get better, right?)

Good luck to Vance in his return to Mile High.