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ARI Legal Tampering: Sunset at the Beach

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Rondone-USA TODAY Sports

As has been the case in recent years, the Arizona Cardinals maintained a low profile on the first day of the oxymoronic “legal tampering” phase of free agency. But, after spending the majority of the day in the shade, they wound up spending the evening at the beach.

The Cardinals’ lone signing of Kelvin Beachum drew the ire of a number of vitriolic Cardinals fans, particularly with regard to Kyler Murray zealots.

One fan tweeted: “Kelvin Beachum might’ve been one of the worst player out of our 30 FAs to resign, he’s old, he publicly bashed our QB, and he’s trash.” To which this fan felt compelled to reply:

Per PFF, the strength of the Cardinals’ OL in 2022 was the play of their offensive tackles;

  • Josh Jones —- 75.8 (#1 highest grade of all offensive players)
  • D.J. Humphries —- 72.9 (#4 highest grade of all offensive players)
  • Kelvin Beachum —- 70.6 (#5 highest grade of all offensive players)

What makes these impressive grades even more impressive is the tackles having to manage the consistent instability of the interior of the Cardinals’ line.

What makes Kelvin Beachum’s re-signing particularly significant:

  • It comes on the heels of his candid assessment of Kyler Murray’s talent and immaturity —-
  • Essentially what Kelvin Beachum said in this interview is precisely how Kyler Murray’s $230.5M contract was configured as a reward for Kyler’s innate talent and as a caveat regarding Kyler’s less than desirable commitment to weekly preparation and to the organization.
  • Despite Hollywood Brown’s pushback, it is clear that the Cardinals are committed to putting the team first and to holding every coach and each player accountable. Beach obviously made quite an impression on Michael Bidwill, Monti Ossenfort, Jonathan Gannon, Drew Petzing, Klayton Adams and Chris Cook. —- both in what they evaluated on film and in how they assessed the quality of Beach’s leadership —- on and off the field and in the community:
  • Beach took a risk by being candid about Kyler Murray —- had the Cardinals’ FO and coaching staff been turned off by Beach’s rhetoric, today he would be packing up his bags and moving his family to another NFL city,
  • However, the fact that he elected to stay with the Cardinals and to embrace the new GM and coaching staff means that he wants to be a part of the meaningful culture change that the organization so desperately needs.
  • The modest contract that he agreed to is a continuation of his team-friendly deals with the Cardinals. Like the old saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Well, did you know that in two of the last three years, Kelvin Beachum graded higher than the 49ers’ RT Mike McGlinchey? 2022: Beachum (age 33) —- 70.6; McGlinchey (age 28) —- 70.3; And who was surrounded by the better supporting cast?
  • Yesterday, the Broncos signed McGlinchey to a 5 year $87.5M contract with over $50M guaranteed. The highest graded RT in the NFC West the past few years has been the Rams’ Rob Havenstein (73.2 in 2022) and last September, he signed a 3 year extension with the Rams for $34.7M and $24.5M guaranteed. McGlinchey is getting virtually twice that.

Starting RTs in NFC West 2022

  1. Rob Havenstein, 30, LAR: 73.2
  2. Kelvin Beachum, 33, ARI, 70.6
  3. Mike McGlinchey, 28, SF, 70.3
  4. Abraham Lucas, 24, SEA, 68.4

Starting RTs in NFC West 2022 Pass Blocking Grades

  1. Kelvin Beachum, 33, ARI—- 76.4
  2. Rob Havenstein, 30, LAR —- 68.6
  3. Abraham Lucas, 24, SEA —- 66.8
  4. Mike McGlinchey, 28, SF —- 65.4

2023 Defensive Tackle Salary Bonanzas:

  • Daron Payne, 25, WAS —- 4/$90M/$60M g-ted
  • Javon Hargrave, 30, SF —- 4/$84M/$40M g-ted
  • Dalvin Tomlinson, 29, CLE —- 4/$57M/$27.5M g-ted
  • Dre’mont Jones, 26, SEA —- 3/$51/5M/$23.5M g-ted
  • Zach Allen, 25, DEN —- 3/$45.8M/$32.5M g-ted

DTs Still Available for ARI?

  • Fletcher Cox, 32, PHI
  • Shedon Rankins, 29, NYJ
  • Poonah Ford, 27, SEA
  • Andrew Billings, 28, LV
  • A’Shawn Robinson, 28, LAR
  • Matt Ioaniddis, 29, CAR
  • Shelby Harris, 32, SEA
  • Calais Campbell, 37, BAL
  • Greg Gaines, 26, LAR

On Perhaps a More Modest Note:

The surprise here is the very affordable contract that Eagles’ T.J. Edwards signed with the Bears. This would indicate that Edwards was not in JG’s plans. There is still some buzz about OLB Kyzir White being one JG’s preferred UFAs. Another was S Marcus Epps, but he got snagged by the Raiders.

Jimmy G. to Vegas Ripple Effect on 2023 NFL Draft

What are your thoughts —- and what are your predictions for today?