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2023 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals trade down with Las Vegas Raiders, end up with pass rusher

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are sitting with the third pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and they are open for business.

It could happen before the draft with how busy the offseason is about to be, it would make for even more enjoyable content.

Lance Zierlein dropped his first mock draft after the 2023 NFL Combine and has the Cardinals moving down with the Las Vegas Raiders.

They don’t give us the details of the deal, but based on what the Indianapolis Colts received in 2018 from the New York Jets, moving from three to six, we could expect something similar, if not slightly more.

For reference, the Colts received 1.06, 2.37, 2.49 and a future second.

So, the Cards would move down one extra spot, and the Raiders do not have two second round picks, so we could potentially see:

1.07, 2.39, 3.71 and a future first or second coming the Cardinals way.

In this scenario, it feels like they would need to get a future first, to get something similar to what the Colts received.

So, with that in mind, Zierlein has the Cardinals taking perhaps their top player in the draft at seven.

7. Arizona Cardinals: Tyree Wilson, Edge - Texas Tech

The scenario would be a huge win for the Cardinals: adding valuable draft capital and one of the top edge defenders in the draft.

So, in this scenario the Cardinals remaining top 100 picks:

Tyree Wilson

Then, they would also have either a first or second next year.

What would you think of the haul?