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How Can Kyler Murray Erase the Negativity?

On today’s Red Rain Podcast we have invited Marcos Labrada of AZSports Underground to discuss the question as to whether Kyle Murray can somehow manage to escape the full house blitz of stigmas that have become attached to his name.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

On the positive side, as Kelvin Beachum alluded to yesterday in an interview he did on Arizona Sports radio with Gambo, Kyler possesses the arm strength, accuracy and quick feet to be a top level NFL quarterback. What Beach questioned was Kyler’s maturity.

ROTB Questions: How do you think Kyler can erase the negativity that, for right or for wrong, has been heaped on him? Are you optimistic that he can? Or, are you skeptical?