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Red Rain Podcast: Bidwill’s in Serious Trouble

Kyle L’ll Rock Ledbetter and I read and react to Ben Volin’s Op-Ed in the Boston Globe about Michael Bidwill being “Out of Bounds” in the team’s response to Terry McDonough’s arbitration suit —- and to Mike Florio’s PFT article today about Ron Minegar’s corroboration of “some of Terry McDonough’s complaints” regarding his alleged disturbing and volatile workplace conditions for Cardinals’ employees.

Near the conclusion of the podcast, I discuss the 4-5 testimonies that will very likely make Terry McDonough’s case a slam dunk.

If the allegations have merit, the questions are:

  1. Is Michael Bidwill incorrigible? Ron Minegar’s resignation/warning letter was 4 years ago and things have only gotten more toxic in the front office and throughout the organization.
  2. Will Roger Goodell find a way to exonerate him, regardless of the findings?
  3. Is it any secret now why Bidwill can’t seem to sustain functional relationship and/or any iota of sustained success?
  4. Will he be able to retain ownership of the team?
  5. Will he turn the running of the organization over to a new team executive?