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Let there be... more controversy with the Arizona Cardinals

Syndication: Arizona Republic Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

It wouldn’t be a day that ends in “Y” if the Arizona Cardinals were not causing fans to get upset for... well maybe not nothing but probably nothing.

All Pro safety Budda Baker tweeted this out today:

Then, the storm of speculation and inside information came in.

According to many, Budda approached Monti Ossenfort about an extension, Baker signed his last deal in 2020 and has two years remaining on his contract.

Whether this is true or not who knows, but it is always fun that every offseason we as fans deal with this.

Again, things don’t change when the name at the top is the same.

Hopefully this gets worked out, whatever it is and we can go back to arguing about trading down or drafting Will Anderson Jr., but for now, the Cardinals continue to make life difficult for the fans.

What is your take on the Budda Baker situation?