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“Bidwill’s Heinous Treatment of Steve Wilks...”

NCAA Football: Arizona Cardinals Rookie Minicamp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Since the day Steve Wilks was fired and shamefully scapegoated by Michael Bidwill for the Cardinals’ 3-13 debacle of a season in 2018, I and a few perspicacious others have been trying to point out how egregious and shameful Michael Bidwill’s words and actions were toward Wilks.

The fact that Bidwill was able to con so many Cardinals’ pundits and fans into believing that Wilks was a pitifully incompetent coach who never deserved more than a cup of coffee as an NFL head coach, this is a testament to how cunning and deceptive he is —- or at least —- how convincing he thinks he is.

The fact that Steve Wilks has now proven his mettle as an NFL head coach, albeit as an interim head coach who had his Panthers balling big-time for him, Wilks’ sweet vindication feels especially serendipitous at this moment in time.

On Today’s Doug Franz Unplugged podcast, Doug reads a series of texts that he received over the weekend from Terry McDonough. It’s a riveting and compelling listen.

McDonough affirms that he has concrete proof of Bidwill’s “heinous treatment of Steve Wilks” and that when Steve Wilks talks about how he was treated by the Cardinals’ owner, “Bidwill’s days of owning an NFL team will be over.” Hear Doug’s podcast segment on the Cardinals for yourselves:

Doug Franz makes cogent points when he says that he believes McDonough’s claims against Bidwill because of (a) the despicable ad hominem Bidwill and his his pitbull lawyer issued in response to McDonough’s arbitration suit, rather than specifically refute McDonough’s allegations; (2) clearly, if McDonough is willing to send Doug Franz such detailed texts —- when McDonough wasn’t entirely clear of who he was sending the texts to —- and then he gives Doug the permission to quote him directly as to everything he texted —- then McDonough has to be certain that he has the irrefutable truth.

One of the other confirmations that we now have learned from McDonough’s texts to Doug is that McDonough was demoted the day he tried to question Bidwill’s treatment of Wilks —- which is why McDonough has been a ghost ever since. Moreover, McDonough makes it clear that Bidwill wouldn’t fire him all these years because McDonough had Bidwill caught between the Scylla and Charybdis.

I have lost count of the number of times that Michael Bidwill has flat-out lied to fans’ faces. He even tried to justify a 20% increase on season tickets by telling the fans it was because this year they have “one more home game.”

Simply put, because Michael Bidwill manifests such little integrity, neither does the Cardinals’ organization.

This won’t change until the ownership of the Cardinals is thrown like a tight spiral into the right hands.