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Arizona Cardinals unveil new uniforms for first time in 18 years

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have unveiled their new uniforms and love em’ or hate em’ this is what we have been asking for… change.

The new threads:

HOME: The team’s home uniform consists of red jerseys with matching red pants. The jersey features white, perforated twill numbers accented by silver, kiss cut framis material. Sewn-in twill lettering spells out the “Arizona” wordmark that spans the front and a white thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Cardinals birdhead adorns the upper back. Embroidered in white lettering on the inside back of the red jersey’s neckline is the phrase “Protect the Nest.”

AWAY: When on the road, the Cardinals will sport a super-clean, all-white look from head to toe. Red perforated twill numerals outlined in black kiss cut twill pop from the white jersey. In an homage to past Cardinals uniforms, its sleeves feature a pair of red framis stripes surrounding a single silver one with the Cardinals wordmark printed on it. The upper back of the jersey features a three-color TPU Cardinals birdhead while the inner back neckline is embroidered with “Bird Gang” in red. The uniform’s all-white pants are interrupted only by red and silver framis stripes down each side that mimic the stripes on the jersey’s sleeves.

ALTERNATE BLACK: Also unveiled were the team’s alternate uniforms that closely resemble the design of the road ones except that they are black from head to toe rather than white. Like the white road uniform, the alternate black one also features red perforated twill numerals - though outlined in silver kiss cut framis material – and its sleeves are also adorned with the same red and silver stripes and Cardinals wordmark. Similarly the black pants feature red and silver framis stripes down each side, identical to the white ones.

HELMET: Capping off the new look for the Cardinals is a re-designed helmet. Its white shell gets a subtle silver sparkle from Large Texas Flakes. This complements a new silver facemask that replaces the previous gray one. The helmets front and rear “bumpers” feature rubberized, 3-D Cardinals wordmarks in red. The Cardinals logo on each side of the helmet is now larger and updated with digital shading and a metallic sheen. The white helmet accompanies the home and road uniforms while a black helmet is paired with the alternate black uniform.

You can be among the first to own the new uniforms by checking out Fanatics where the new uniforms go on sale this evening.

The Arizona Cardinals changed their uniforms for the first time since 2005.

In fact, it is 18 years to the day since the Arizona Cardinals last unveiled their new uniforms and things went well after that… right?

What are your thoughts on the new uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals