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Some intriguing details and information behind the Arizona Cardinals new uniforms

Arizona Cardinals

Everyone has their opinion on the new uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals, but the reality is these are upgrades from the previous iterations.

The good people at NFL Fashion Advice do a nice job of outlining a lot of the subtle changes and why they are made.

So, the big thing was trying to update the old look of the Arizona Cardinals and keeping it within the “history” of the team.

That is why you see what you see and why the changes are “subtle” but they are big.

I was not a huge fan of the red to begin with, but the jerseys have grown on me with the details that the Cardinals really put in.

Look at the back of the red jersey:

Arizona Cardinals

The oversized Arizona feels like a universal complaint, but that seems to be more of a Nike thing over a Cardinals thing, but love the collar and NFL emblem, as well as the white with the silver outline. The silver on each jersey is consistent and plays well with each color which could explain why they went silver over copper.

Arizona Cardinals

As NFL Fashion said up top, the silver really is subtle and more of an accent on the white uniforms and makes things look clean:

Arizona Cardinals

One of the most unique portions of the jerseys is how each one has a different color Arizona Cardinals logo on it:

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals

If I were to grade each one, this is how I would do it:

Icey Whites: A+
Blackout: B+
All Reds: C+

The concept put forth here would change my reds to an A because these look slick:

I am grabbing a white from Fanatics next week after the draft, but would love to know what, if any color you would grab?