Trading down in the draft for a the most impactful player

Our ideal trading partners have two picks in the first round. If the Arizona Cardinals to trade down with the Seahawks, the Lions or the Eagles thereby getting two first round picks, this would offer the best opportunity to draft impactful players this season If multiple picks in the first round are not available, we should trade down at least twice in the first round. The most likely trade sequence would begin with the Colts at number 4, and this trade can be made very attractive if we don’t demand a second round this year. Example: Acquired via (IND): 1:4, 3:16, 5:3, 5:41, 2023 Rd 3. Then I would hope to trade with Las Vegas and/or Atlanta and/or Tennessee

Who should we draft with the first pick? CB or DT or DE/Edge or OT or OG

The "experts’ look at the numbers and say the Arizona Cardinals need a pass rusher. True. They said that last year when we allowed Chandler Jones to sigh with LV.

It’s not easy to have a pass rush when the defense can’t stop the run or the defense allows easy pass completions.

Last year the Arizona Cardinals allowed 10 or more rushing yards on 14.1% of carries My initial hope for this draft was Jalen Carter. No more now that there are character issues. This quiet off season has netted only one starter. We need to trade down at least twice because this team needs to draft, a NT, and Edge, a center, two guards, two CB, two WR a RB and a TE.

Initially I thought a top DB would be the most useful. Tall, fast, press CB’s are first round material. If I took a player like Tyree Wilson first in my mock drafts, I was having trouble finding Starting CB’s in the fourth round because we need C and OG and NT in the second and third rounds.

Round one

1:10 Devon Witherspoon

1:30 Calijah Kancey DT

2:34 O’Cyrus Torrence G

2:66 Keeanu Benton NT

3:76 Luke Wypler C

105 Zack Kuntz TE

118 Roschon Johnson RB

149 Moro Ojomo DT

168 Riley Moss CB

180 Andrei Iosivas WR

193 YaYa Diaby EDGE

213 Atonio Mafi G

Rethinking the draft I now I recommend we draft the player who will have the greatest impact on the field this year.

We should draft Bijan Robinson and hope for a Walter Peyton, Gale Sayers level of impact. Robinson’s 95.3 PFF grade is the highest grade this year of all players.

His college stat that entices me is his 104 forced missed tackles, the single-season record.

1:7 - RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

2:3 - OT Darnell Wright, Tennessee

2:7 - IOL O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida

2:25 - IOL John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota

3:16 - CB Tyrique Stevenson, Miami (FL)

3:33 - WR A.T. Perry, Wake Forest

4:3 - DL Isaiah McGuire, Missouri

5:3 - DL Moro Ojomo, Texas

5:33 - CB Mekhi Garner, LSU

5:41 - WR Andrei Iosivas, Princeton

6:3 - DL Jalen Redmond, Oklahoma

6:36 - TE Payne Durham, Purdue

Acquired via (IND): 1:4, 3:16, 5:3, 5:41, 2023 Rd 3 Traded Away: 1:3

Acquired via (LV): 1:7, 2:7 Traded Away: 1:4

Moved up to Acquired via (JAX): 2:25 Traded Away: 3:3, 2023 Rd 3


1:11 Bijan Robinson RB

2:34 Steve Avila C/G

2:41 Emmanuel Forbes CB

2:44 John Michael Schmitz C/G

3:66 Keeanu Benton DT

3:79 Michael Wilson WR

3:96 A.T. Perry WR

4:105 Tuli Tuipulotu DE

4:110 Christopher Smith S

4:138 Moro Ojomo DE

5;168 Cameron Latu TE

5:176 Jalen Redmond

5180 Olusegun Oluwatimi C/G

6:213 Deuce Vaughn RB

Acquired via (IND): 1:4, 3:16, 5:3, 5:41 Traded Away: 1:3

Acquired via (Falcons): 1:8, 2:44, 4:110 Traded Away: 1:4

Acquired via (TENN):1:11, 2:41 Traded Away: 1:8

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