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Possible Draft options for the Arizona Cardinals on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

Arizona made off with Paris Johnson Jr. and multiple first round picks...who are some great fits for them in a Day 2 mock draft scenario?

Syndication: Arizona Republic Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Arizona Cardinals in a way, surrendered the “win now” player for another win now player and the future last night.

By moving back and then up to select Paris Johnson Jr. with the 6th overall pick, Arizona gave itself a solid cornerstone of draft capital now and in 2024.

What might they do with their selections today and who could they target?

A few of the positions and talents on Day 2 using Pro Football Network’s mock draft machine as I went Edge, Center, Defensive Tackle and gasp a linebacker over a cornerback.

Let’s dig in:

  • To start, Arizona traded back to pick 47 as a team jumped up for one of Will Levis or Hendon Hooker at the 33rd pick, giving Arizona another pick back in the 3rd round as well as a 2nd round pick next year

With how the Commanders might be bad, that could be adding another top 40 pick to next year’s arsenal as well as a draft pick to use this year

  • With who was on the board, I took Trenton Simpson. Why? Reports have surfaced with Zaven Collins working out with the Outside linebackers at the Cards minicamp under a new staff as well as the lack of a 5th year option for Isaiah Simmons...they might in fact need a new middle linebacker. Simpson is a more traditional, slightly less of a freak than Simmons but has a clearcut role rather than being a “jack of all trades” and a new sheriff in town in Gannon might change things up
  • Keeanu Benton might not be “The One” or go off like John Wick, but he has that “dawg” in him as the memes say and would be a great fit on the Defensive Line or at the Nose. I think he would go ahead of this for the Cardinals
  • I moved back one spot from pick 95 to 96 and added a late pick for next year and got Paris Johnson Jr.’s teammate to man the center position. Board just fell perfectly to take the Ohio State prospect
  • Speaking of OSU prospects...go look at Tyree Wilson’s measurables and combine and then look at Zach Harrison’s. The production hasn’t been there (a concern given Larry Johnson being a legend of a pass rush coach) but if you’re able to get enough out of him from a 3rd round pick, that helps your pass rush in a big way.

Ready for Day 2, Cardinals fans?