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Arizona Cardinals close out their 2023 NFL Draft picks with West Virginia defensive tackle Dante Stills

The Cardinals close out their draft with the No. 213 pick.

West Virginia v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have finished off their 2023 NFL Draft class from their picks with Dante Stills, a defensive tackle from West Virginia, of course barring a trade.

Stills is an athletic, undersized interior defensive line prospect with good juice and a great motor.

He lacks the length and size to be an every down player early, but has some similar traits to former Arizona Cardinal ... Cory Redding (you thought I was gonna say Darnell Dockett, didn’t you).



  • Father played in the NFL for 10 seasons.
  • Loose and athletic with above-average agility and redirection.
  • Has played up and down the defensive line.
  • Snap quickness makes him harder to reach and seal for zone blockers.
  • Can get skinny and disrupt in gaps.
  • Athleticism and burst bolster pursuit success.
  • Uses a variety of hand-fighting techniques at the top of the rush.
  • Fluid and fast when used on twists.

Welcome to the team, Dante and good luck in your journey to the NFL.