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Arizona Cardinals find more headlines for the wrong reason as Michael Bidwill gets accused of cheating

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Jonathan Gannon as Head Coach Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Ho hum.

People often want to find reasons that this franchise has struggled to find competitiveness and consistency for years, but there has always been one consistent.

That is the name Bidwill.

Well today, things took a turn as former Arizona Cardinals executive Terry McDonough is filing arbitration against Michael Bidwill.

From ESPN:

Michael Bidwill is accused of gross misconduct, including cheating, discrimination and harassment, in an arbitration claim filed Tuesday by former Cardinals executive Terry McDonough to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

McDonough maintained that both he and former Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks were left no choice but to follow Bidwill’s plan to use burner phones to communicate with former Arizona general manager Steve Keim while Keim was serving a five-week suspension after pleading guilty to extreme DUI in Arizona.

The kicker is... McDonough alleges to have the smoking gun:

McDonough said he still has the phone, which he said contains the evidence of the cheating scandal, as well as additional documentation.

Now, what happens and what is true and what is sour grapes is yet to be seen, but the big line in McDonough’s grievance:

The grievance that McDonough submitted to Bidwill’s attorney last week and Goodell on Tuesday alleged that “Bidwill’s widespread workplace misconduct is significantly worse than the misbehavior of former crosstown Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver,” whom the NBA suspended one year and fined $10 million before he ultimately sold the franchise.

Just another day of being a fan of the Arizona Cardinals.