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Isaiah Simmons back, Budda Baker and DeAndre Hopkins not at Arizona Cardinals mini-camp

Isaiah Simmons is back at Arizona Cardinals training camp while DeAndre Hopkins and Budda Baker remain absent.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The offseason is upon us and the Arizona Cardinals have some decisions to make still.

After DeAndre Hopkins and Budda Baker both requested trades this offseason, both players are still missing from Arizona Cardinals mini-camp, while Isaiah Simmons was back at the Arizona Cardinals first full mini-camp.

It is going to be something to monitor, as Walter explained that DeAndre Hopkins has made his preferences known now, but the Arizona Cardinals and Monti Ossenfort continue to not move off what they see as Hopkins value.

Having Simmons back is important, but no Baker is a big deal, while it seems almost impossible to see Hopkins on the field for the Arizona Cardinals again.

Ossenfort inherited at disaster at best, but he and Jonathan Gannon are focusing on some of the more important aspects of team building.

It will be interesting to see how this all turns out, but it is good to see Simmons back and will be interesting to watch how all of this unfolds.