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Arizona Cardinals 2023 NFL Draft class, reactions, and reviews

Syndication: Arizona Republic Mark Henle/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Monday one and all.

We are heading into the best time of year, the dead season where the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL are hanging out and not doing a whole lot.

However, Jess and I got together and discussed the 2023 NFL Draft, we reviewed it, and went over all of the picks and players.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Here are the times of what we talked about:

(1:00) Reviewing our mock drafts, reacting to the Cardinals’ work in the draft

(21:21) Reviewing the selection of OL Paris Johnson

(43:46) Reviewing the Cardinals’ Day 2 picks

(1:08:43) Reviewing the Cardinals’ Day 3 picks