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Budda Baker is present at Arizona Cardinals mandatory minicamp

While Baker has requested a trade, he will be at the camp for the Arizona Cardinals.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are getting ready for their first mandatory minicamp of the 2023 offseason and the first of the Jonathan Gannon era.

While Budda Baker has requested a trade, he has also shown up to the minicamp, as he will be present, likely not participating in the minicamp portion of things as he has no guaranteed money remaining on his current contract.

While he and his agent want to protect Baker, the Cardinals would likely never do Baker wrong if anything happened to him, but you do understand the reality of things in this situation.

The other reality is that Baker would have been subject to fines if he skipped camp, $16,459 the first day, $32,920 the second day and $49,374 the third day, or about $99,000 in fines if he missed the workouts.

So, being at the facility means he will not be fined.

Now, the fact that he likely won’t be participating will be something to monitor, but for now, he is in the building.