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Most NFL Playoff Team and Division Wins Since 2000

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Winning Team Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Background: Feb 4, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick speaks flanked by the Vince Lombardi trophy during Super Bowl LIII winning team press conference at Georgia World Congress Center. The Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 to win an NFL record-tying sixth championship Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports.

By Team:

To see the Cardinals on line 3 of this graphic with the same number of playoff wins as the Titans, Vikings, Bengals and Chargers and one more playoff win than the Cowboys, Texans, Raiders, Bills and Jaguars is a tad encouraging, especially seeing as the NFC West has had the 2nd highest number of playoff wins since 2000 at 37, behind only the AFC East at 41, thanks to the Patriots’ remarkable league leading 30 wins and 6 Super Bowl championships over this 22 year span.

By Division:

  1. AFC East: 41
  2. NFC West: 37
  3. AFC Central: 36
  4. NFC East: 32 (T)
  5. NFC South: 32 (T)
  6. AFC West: 28
  7. AFC South: 26
  8. NFC Central: 22

Super Bowl Winners (since 2000):

6 — NE



Super Bowl Winners By Division (since 2000):

6 - AFC East

4 - AFC Central

3 -- AFC West; NFC East; NFC South

2 - NFC West

1 - NFC Central; AFC South

Cardinals’ chances to climb all the way to the top pf the NFL stand in the hands of this team of front office execs, head coach and coordinators: (with number of NFL teams they have worked for)

  • GM Monti Oddensort —- Texans, Patriots, Titans, Cardinals
  • Asst. GM Dave Sears —- Texans, Lions, Cardinals
  • DPlayerP: Dru Grigson —- Cardinals
  • Asst, DPlayerP Rob Kisiel —- Texans, Falcons, Cardinals
  • VPPlayerP Quentin Harris —- Cardinals
  • DCollegeScouting Josh Scobey —- Cardinals
  • DProP Glen Fox —- Cardinals
  • DFAdmin: Matt Harris —- Cardinals
  • Analytics: Charlie Adkins —- Cardinals
  • HC: Jonathan Gannon —- Falcons, Titans, Vokings, Colts, Eagles, Cardinals
  • OC: Drew Petzing —-Vikings, Browns, Cardinals
  • DC Nick Rallis —-Vikings, Eagles, Cardinals
  • STC Jeff Rodgere —-49ers, Panthers, Broncos, Bears, cardinals

Worth every second to watch them in action for the first 5-10 minutes here:


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