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DeAndre Hopkins’ release, Budda Baker to report, and are the Cardinals tanking?

Discussing the Arizona Cardinals and offseason news.

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Happy Monday one and all.

We are heading into the final weeks of OTAs before a break until training camp.

So, that means the Arizona Cardinals don’t have a whole lot going on, but we still have plenty to talk about.

We always start off with the hottest topic of the week, the release of DeAndre Hopkins, before getting into a number of other subjects.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Topics and times:

(1:00) Why Hopkins was released

(17:34) Where Hopkins might end up

(29:37) Where the Cardinals are at with the receiving corps

(36:48) The latest with Budda Baker

(43:29) Should we call the Cardinals’ 2023 plan ‘tanking’?