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DeAndre Hopkins may wait until training camp to sign

The All Pro wide receiver may be available for a while.

NFL: Super Bowl LVII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals released DeAndre Hopkins a little more than a week ago, and now the hottest free agent on the market ... May be waiting until closer to training camp or even once training camp starts.

Ian Rapoport talked about it on NFL Total Access:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he waits right up until the start of training camp,” he said on NFL Total Access. “There’s no rush.”

Shockingly, the last statement seems to be what is the hold up, as Hopkins continues to wait on a team to offer him what he wants.

The list seems to be dwindling though, as more and more teams are allegedly “out” on the Hopkins sweepstakes everyday.

What makes sense for Hopkins now is to wait until an injury to a potential star player happens and a team needs to sign him. Will that entail him getting the contract he desires? That is what will be intriguing to watch unfold.