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Arizona Cardinals have long odds to win the division, and shorter odds to make the playoffs

The Arizona Cardinals are not expected to win the NFC West, or make the playoffs but the odds to make the playoffs are a little better.

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Jonathan Gannon as Head Coach Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

No one expects much from the Arizona Cardinals in 2023.

So, as we head into the start of training camp 2023 it is really interesting to see how things have changed over the last several months in terms of their odds to win the division and to make the playoffs.

According to our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook the Arizona Cardinals opened the 2023 offseason as +1400 to win the NFC West, that moved to +2200 after free agency got underway, and has since moved to +2000 to win the division.

This is not a surprise when you are talking about maybe the favorites in the entire NFC, the San Francisco 49ers being in the same division.

So, the fact that the Cardinals opened up with shorter odds to make the playoffs is a littler surprising to me.

Of course their odds to not make the playoffs are awful even if they have slightly moved from -2500 after free agency (meaning you have to bet $2500 to win $100) to -2000.

However, to make the playoffs their odds sit at +1100, the longest odds in the NFL, but much shorter odds than winning the division.

That is because there is so much unknown about the NFC outside of that San Francisco and Philadelphia are expected to be really, really good.

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