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2023 Arizona Cardinals opponent preview: Baltimore Ravens signed Lamar Jackson, so it is time to win it all

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Lamar Jackson Press Conference Brent Skeen-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have quite the schedule this year, getting the AFC North as well, which means we will see some of the top paid quarterbacks in the NFL this season, led by the Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson.

Outside of waiting for Jackson to sign, what else have the Baltimore Ravens been up to this offseason?

Jess sat down with Ravens Wire managing editor Kevin Oestreicher to find out what is going on in Baltimore and what the expectations for the Ravens are heading into 2023.

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Here are the times and topics from the show:

(1:00) The Ravens’ 2022 season

(11:49) The Ravens’ offseason moves in free agency and the draft

(27:57) The expectations for the Ravens in 2023