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Cardinals award Budda Baker with a nifty raise

The team captain’ receives raises and incentives for this season and the 2024 season

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, with the start of the Cardinals’ 2023 training camp, their All-for safety Budda Baker was upset and elated at the same time.

Here is what had Budda upset:

Within the last couple of hours we have learned one of the reasons why Budda was so elated:

Exactly a month ago (June 27th), I wrote this opinion piece about Budda Baker, title “What? No Love for Budda?”

Well, talk about feeling elated! Budda Baker is not only the best football player on the Cardinals’ team, he remains the only Arizona Cardinals’ draft pick to play just as well and even better AFTER he received his 2nd contract. And now he gets some timely and significant raises to that contract that he has absolutely earned.

To quote the old Merrill Lynch motto, Budda Baker does things “the old-fashioned way” —- he “earns it.”

Your emotions?