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Cardinals Showcasing Training Camp Bounce

Head coach Jonathan Gannon and his staff are creating a new approach to training camp

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Background: Jul 28, 2023; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Clayton Tune (15) performs a drill during training camp at State Farm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale

Over the weekend during Jonathan Gannon’s press conference, with regard to the Cardinals new approach to training camp and trying to improve the team culture, he said this:

Notice that JG emphasized the word “standards” —- as in holding the players to high standards of effort and decorum —- all in the effort of helping the team improve.

Unlike Sean Payton, who recently threw former Broncos’ coaches under the bus, JG simply said, “I don't know what’s gone on in the past...”


  • Kliff Kingsbury acted on the premise that the players should act and play like professionals.
  • JG acts on the premise that players need to be prodded and pushed, perhaps, if given too much leeway, they might not act like professionals.

Now —- to be fair to Kliff Kingsbury, in an ideal world, his approach was understandable. And for the better part of three years Kliff had the team, led by a number of spirited leaders, moving in a very positive direction. But, the two things that Kingsbury’s teams appeared to lack were discipline and finishing power.

Therefore, team discipline and finishing power are two key areas that JG and his staff are focused on improving. These are the types of things that show up on game tapes.

  • JG and his staff have been doing their homework.

Practicing Tenaciously at Full Speed:

Look at the effort and bounce from Cardinals’ players on both sides of the ball. Notice how hard #30 RB Keaontay Ingram runs in an effort to finish the play.

Look at how fast the Cardinals get off the ball and how hard they work on both sides of the ball to finish the play.

Look at the sheer effort here. Competing at full speed is how everyone improves.

Gist: in previous camps it appeared that the players were mostly running 34 speed. Practicing at top speed is a stunning change.

Teaching and reinforcing Fundamentals:

Notice the teaching and drilling of shedding and tackling fundamentals, presided over by JG and DC Nick Rallis. Fundamentals emphasized here: (1) swim/shed; (2) attack the ball carrier right into his numbers; (3) head up and across the numbers on the tackling launch; (4) clamp the arms and wrap; (5) drive feet, sink hips and tighten wrap to to finish.

Catering Assignments to Players’ Strengths:

Like Marco Wilson did to perfection here:

Gist: as JG said, “one size does not fit all” —- think of the confidence this gives the Cardinals CBs —- to know they have the freedom to play to their strengths.

“Culture Shock”:

Leave it to DJ to capture the mood!

Gist: Cardinals players are feeling the buzz that comes with a fresh slate and exciting approach from highly bonded, spirited coaches.

Fresh Vibes and Tangible Upgrades::

Gist: Michael Bidwill is now doing his part to improve the Cardinals’ NFLPA report Card.

Team Discipline “Non-Negotiable”::

Gist: JG warned about in-camp fighting and what the consequences would be. Aha, the words and the music match.

Defining the Ultimate Individual Value For Coaches and Players:

Well said and placed into proper perspective by JG.

Budda and Teammates Brings Bounce:

Bounce happens when you love what you do and the people you are working with.No one exemplifies the bounce and love of the chase more than Budda Baker.

ROTB Question of the Day:


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