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Talking Cardinals new uniforms, Hjalte Froholdt and Drew Petzing with SB Nation writer Barry Shuck

Barry Shuck of SB Nation’s “Dawgs By Nature” has some interesting Arizona Cardinals’ related things to say

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Yesterday morning I received an email from SB Nation’s “Dawgs By Nature” writer and NFL historian Barry Shuck. Barry and I have developed a nice rapport over the past few years. Some of you might recall that a couple of years ago, I invited Barry to be a guest on the Red Rain Podcast where he regaled us with his knowledge of the Cardinals’ storied franchise and Browns/Cardinals trade ideas .

In his email yesterday, Barry asked me a simple question —- what do you think of the Cardinals’ new uniforms?

My response:

“I think the Cardinals’ new uniforms are an upgrade, but I am not a fan of having Arizona written on the home jersey and Cardinals written on the sleeves of the away jerseys (would prefer the Cardinals’ logo instead) . I don’t understand the highlights in gray. But, the bigger and brighter Cardinals’ logos on the white helmets are fantastic.”

Then , I had three questions for Barry.

Question One:

What do you think of the Cardinals’ new uniforms?

Barry Shuck:

“The Cards new unies are just ok for me. Too much of the same color and not enough contrast. One person on Twitter called the red set “the bloodclot uniforms” while another had a man dressed in red pajamas alongside the red set. The touch of gray is weird. When did this come into play? The traditional black trim is best. Like you, I don’t like any uniform that has the team name or city printed. The Browns did this one uniform ago and were the unies they wore in those 3-13, 1-15 and 0-16 seasons. So, no. Burn them.”

Question Two:

I have been very impressed with C Hjalte Froholdt. Check out these highlights of a couple of his big blocks this week, if you haven’t seen them as of yet:

What you think of Fro?

Barry Shuck:

“Hey Walter. I love Froholdt. Here is a piece I did on him last year:”

My comment: This is an excellent, superbly researched article, written by a consummate pro!

Question Three:

I am fascinated with Drew Petzing --- he strikes me an an outstanding communicator who has an impressively clear teaching style. Whether he can make good calls and adjustments in the regular season games has yet to be seen.

What are your thoughts on Drew?

Barry Shuck:

“Petzing is an absolute gem”

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How impressed are you thus far with Hjalte Froholdt?

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  • What are your reactions to Barry’s answers?
  • Do you have any Browns’, Cardinals’ or NFL related questions for Barry?