"Shall We Play a Game?"

It's August.

Which in AZ can only mean a few things:

- Annual swoon of the DBacks

- Annual swoon of the monsoon

- Annual getting ready for football season with a Fantasy League

- Or, National Goat Cheese Month

I'm going with Fantasy Football as tempting as Billy Goat Gruff Brie sounds.

Fantasy Football is one of those love/hate kinda things. Most pigskin purists loathe, while competitive people (especially gamblers) enjoy. Between 30-40 million people play each year and for most - it's just a mind-numbing hobby. It's usually innocuous bragging rights competition between family, friends and coworkers, though trash-talking between players is encouraged. It can be fun.

So, if you like to engage in a FREE Yahoo league that is standard PPR, I can set up a league with enough participants. Only bragging rights, as I have done before on ROTB. NO PRIZES, just the satisfaction that you're smart enough and good enough and DARN, you like yourself.

Reply in the comments and we'll see if there is interest.

If not, there is always Global Thermonuclear War to play or maybe just collect Kid Blue Cheese labels.

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