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Arizona Cardinals show how far away they are from the Kansas City Chiefs in preseason loss

The Arizona Cardinals lost in a preseason game against the best team in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals were able to see how far away they are.

The Kansas City Chiefs came into State Farm Stadium and won for the third time in less than a year as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Arizona Cardinals down 38-10.

The Cardinals found out how far away they are from competing in the NFL right now.

They did okay against the Chiefs first team, for a quarter and then it got out of control. Which showed, the Cardinals best against the Chiefs best may be something to watch; but if anything happens to the Cardinals top players, then it is going to be an awful year where they cannot compete.

That isn’t a surprise but it was a good eye opening experience for the Cardinals and Jonathan Gannon.

The other clear thing is, the offense without Kyler cannot function.

So, how do the Arizona Cardinals deal with it before he gets back?

That was the reaction of the game tonight.

We will break it down further, but tonight showed the highs and lows of the Arizona Cardinals.