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Cardinals Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans hate the trades of Isaiah Simmons and Josh Jones

Cardinals fans were not fans of the trade of Isaiah Simmons and Josh Jones.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

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The Arizona Cardinals made two trades last week (well three technically) where they moved on from their top two picks from the 2020 NFL Draft.

They traded Isaiah Simmons for a seventh round pick and Josh Jones for a fifth round pick.

And man, fans were not excited about that, as the overwhelming majority gave the Arizona Cardinals a “C” or worse.

Only 11% think the Arizona Cardinals get a good mark.

Here is the thing, if you read what Kyle Odegard talked about yesterday, something I intimated the other day, Simmons had some trouble fitting in w/ the new culture.

For a team trying to re-imagine their image and culture, you need to have people bought in, and Simmons seemed to not completely at this point.

Meanwhile, Jones just hadn’t been playing enough to get more and he was not in their long-term plans.

So, for me it would be a “B”. The Dobbs trade is hindsight now knowing that Colt McCoy was cooked, but that would have made it a “C” until the McCoy release happened.

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