To Be Or Not To Be

What an emotional ride this team has given me the past few years especially the past 7 months. I read the posts…some of them get me up but most have been pretty demoralizing. Living in Arizona I am surrounded by Eagle, Commander, Bronco, Chief, Charger and Steeler fans. All teams that have seen their share of success. What do I have to show for my decades of team loyalty? BA was good for a while but his time as HC had the classic sad Cardinal ending. K2 was good for half a season but same old same old there. The 2008 Cards is really the only season I was able to taste what it feels like to be part of a contender. A team that I felt could beat anyone but that feeling only lasted a short time.

Last year I remolded a 73 year old house. Before I started I had to gut and gut and gut until the only thing left were block walls, a cement floor and the wood holding up the roof. Most of the interior walls were taken down because of the extreme termite damage from the irrigated lot feeding termites for 73 years. Four 40 yard dumpsters and a few truck loads to the dump later I was finished gutting. The first thing I did before I started putting it back together was saw cutting the floors and installing new sewer lines inside and out. Then I had to have an engineer design a beam that holds up the ceiling so I could open up the floor plan and then more saw cutting the floor, digging and cementing for the beams footers. Then new framing, new water lines, new electrical, new roof with major framing repairs, new heat pump and new duct work, insulation and new drywall throughout. Then putting in the cabinets, bathtubs, showers, toilets and counters. Then the flooring, trim, doors and paint inside and out. Then I started on the ¼ acre irrigated yard. Had to have the entire yard graded so the irrigation flows correctly and evenly. Repair and replace parts of the fence, plant trees and other plants. Install paver patios front and back, install a pergola and build a shed. Added to all this were the city permits that weren’t easy to pass. All in all way more than I anticipated.

Today it’s a beautiful house and I saved a boatload of money but to be honest I wouldn’t do it again. It was a long and drawn out process that required lots of patience, a little blood, lots of sweat and a few tears. IMO that 73 year old house is what MO and JG has been handed. Change the culture of the oldest continuously run team in the NFL that had just dug itself into another very deep hole. A daunting task in the least.

Personally I am tired of all the doubters. I’m tried of all the negative press about this team. Im not listening to anyone who dogs this team and spews their shallow uneducated opinions. They just do a little research and make some ignorant clickbait comments. I know this coaching staff is mostly young and green and I don’t know if Gannon is going to work out but I like the what I have seen so far. I like the Jesuit education philosophy and serving the players mentality so once again I am here for the long haul.

The theme of 2023 will be patience patience patience. Maybe I just don’t like to give up or maybe im an underdog myself but I continue to stand by this team and wish them the best of luck this season and throughout this massive rebuild process.

Go Cards!

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