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Arizona Cardinals get to see Isaiah Simmons up close, while Josh Jones struggles in Houston debut

Two controversial moves were made, we get to see one this week, while the other player struggled for his new team.

NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

When Monti Ossenfort made two moves heading into the final preseason game it was met with mostly negative reactions.

It is not surprising on either side.

Fans want to see drafted players succeed while new management may not see that player in their long term plans.

This seemed to be the case for Josh Jones while the Isaiah Simmons situation seemed to be more about buying-in.

It is done now, but how did they play in Week 1?

Well, not surprisingly both were bad.

Simmons saw only 15 snaps, six of which were pass rushing where he did… nothing. He had four plays against the run and did nothing then dropped into coverage five times, was targeted once and gave up a reception for five yards and had his lone tackle on that play.

How much Simmons plays will be something to watch moving forward. The New York Giants were awful on Sunday Night Football, but they get a chance to rectify things against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Josh Jones started at left guard and saw time at right tackle as well. He played 77 snaps and was the Texans worst player on offense (according to PFF).

He allowed five quarterback pressures and just struggled overall (maybe to the Arizona Cardinals benefit in their race to get high draft picks).

It wasn’t a pretty start for any of the players involved in these moves, but it is early, who ends up coming out ahead?