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A time-honored invitation: Two tickets to the Giants vs. Cardinals’ game in honor of my Uncle Michael

60 years ago Uncle Mike invited me to my first live NFL game, now is the time to pay it forward

Syndication: Arizona Republic Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

On Sunday November 24, 1963, my Uncle Michael took me to my first NFL game. It was Giants versus Cardinals at Yankee Stadium the Bronx, New York.

As a starry-eyed 8 year old, upon walking out of the gate toward the field, it was one of the most awesome sights I had ever seen. My entire body was goose-bumped up like The Duke (NFL football) my dad gave me to throw around with my friends in the back yard.

And then it happened —- I became immediately enamored of this acrobatic free safety:

Larry Wilson - St. Louis Cardinals - File Photos Photo by Richard Stagg/Getty Images

Rather nervously, I asked Uncle Mike if it would be ok for me to root for #8 Larry Wilson and the Cardinals.

Uncle Mike smiled and, not only did he assure me that it was ok, on the way out of the stadium after the Cardinals’ upset win, he bought me a St. Louis Cardinals’ pennant.

That was the first of many Giants vs. Cardinals games where Uncle Mike invited me to join him.

In later years, I was given the utter privilege of tailgating pre-game in the parking lot of The Meadowlands with a host of New York’s finest lawyers, judges and detectives —- all of whom were close friends of Uncle Michael’s. Man, some day I will share some of the tailgating stories at the Meadowlands. Those stories are epic.

This morning it dawned on me that thanks to Uncle Mike,and Larry Wilson, I have now been a Cardinals fan for 60 years.

Today, I would like to pay my Uncle Mike’s kind invitation forward.

I am offering two tickets, which I will purchase for the recipient, to Sunday’s home opener, Giants versus Cardinals, at State Farm Stadium.

Here is the person I am looking for:

  • Someone who has a young son, daughter, nephew or niece who has yet to see a live NFL game. and would appreciate the opportunity to go to Sunday’s game.
  • Someone who would assure the young loved one that it doesn’t matter which team s/he falls in love with. (Note: of course I am hoping s/he will fall in love with Budda Baker the way I fell in love with Larry Wilson, but I would like to honor Uncle Mike’s generosity by stipulating that anything goes when it comes to a young fan’s choice.
  • Someone who, during or after the game, would be happy to buy her/his young guest a souvenir, like Uncle Mike did for me.
  • Someone who will email me the details of why you would like to go and what young, loved one you would like to accompany you.

My email address:

All I ask in return is a selfie of the two of you at the game, which I will frame and feature in my Cardinals’ cave.