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Cardinals Reacts: Arizona Cardinals are confident in the direction of the organization

Fans see the vision for the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

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Arizona Cardinals fans are a fickle bunch... and rightly so.

We have had more head coaches in the last seven seasons than most do in a decade of time, so we don’t buy-in very easily.

However, after week one and a plucky performance from the defense, fans see what Jonathan Gannon has been trying to sell.

He wants physicality, he wants aggressiveness (sometimes too much), and he wants passion.

He got that from his defense in the first game and from that fans like the direction the team is headed.

It makes sense. If a coach comes in and tells you this is what he wants and what he believes in, then shows it immediately, it makes buying into that easier.

Now, he will have to follow it up, but to have such a high percentage early is a good thing.

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