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Cardinals-Giants second half open thread

The Arizona Cardinals lead at the half, can they close it out?

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know what to think.

Do you?

Through six quarters the Arizona Cardinals are outscoring their opponents, their defense is playing with purpose, their offense is efficient and still somehow conservative and even with a field goal miss, their special teams are playing extremely well.

So, of course the Arizona Cardinals lead the New York Giants 20-0 at the half as we all expected.

It is a new week and new Josh Dobbs after being with the team for a little while longer.

Dobbs looks comfortable, he looks confident and he embarrassed Xavier McKinney on his touchdown run.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals defense looks like a different animal after being held back by Vance Joseph last year.

Without much if any star power with Budda Baker on the sideline, the Cardinals have two sacks, a turnover and have allowed no points.

Now, can they finish this week unlike last week or even at times last year?

That will be the true test if things are different.

Enjoy the second half.

Also, hope you follow the gambling article as we have already cashed two plus money bets in the first half.