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Arizona Cardinals blow lead in spectacular fashion in 31-28 loss to New York Giants

The Arizona Cardinals fall to 0-2 after an embarrassing come from ahead loss.

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

You had to feel it coming.

The Arizona Cardinals led at the half 20-0 and ended the game getting embarrassed by their second half effort as they were outscored 31-8 and they fall to 0-2 on the season and now the wait will be on for when or if they can get their first win.

Everything that we saw in the first half was gone in the second half.

Creative offense, attacking defense, timely plays… All gone.

That led to one of the more epic collapses and the Arizona Cardinals sit at 0-2 after a 31-28 loss to the New York Giants.

The Cardinals could not stop Daniel Jones or the Giants offense.

Meanwhile the Cardinals offense after a Josh Dobbs to Marquise Brown touchdown gave the Cardinals a 28-7 lead.

It was nothing doing after that as the Cardinals offense was impotent and the defense couldn’t get the last stop they needed.

That very well could be the last, best chance for Cardinals victory over the next four or five games until Kyler Murray comes back.

Oh what could have and should have been.