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Cardinals Reacts Survey Week 3: Are you buying the direction of the Arizona Cardinals still?

What do fans think of the direction of the franchise despite the losses?

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Arizona Cardinals fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate in the weekly emailed surveys.

After two weeks and two losses that probably should have been wins... a potential 0-10 start staring them in the face unless a franchise savior can come back and perform miracles, are you still confident in the direction of the Arizona Cardinals?

It is quite the question. No one expected much from this team heading into the season and outside they are living up to expectations, as they are universally looked at as the worst team in the league.

So, are you buying they are where they belong, or are they exceeding expectations or falling short?

I enjoy the discourse and seeing where fans think the team is in their journey to transform from what was left over.

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