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After win over Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals are bought-in on direction of organization

A win over a long-time rival will always breed confidence in the Arizona Cardinals.

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Mike Christy/Getty Images

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Arizona Cardinals fans were buying in... and then the team decided to actually win a game as well.

That begs the question, how confident are you in the direction of the franchise at this point?

Well, 95% of fans are buying what Monti Ossenfort and Jonathan Gannon are selling.

That is a massive 23% jump from week two and even up 18% from week one when the Cardinals looked more than competent against the Washington Commanders.

Now, how will things look next week after they play the San Francisco 49ers? I am curious what outcome you need to see in order to continue to buy-in? Obviously any type of win will likely put the confidence index near 100% if not at 100%.

However, what happens after the loss? Is a close loss basically a win? If they are just outclassed is that a blow to the confidence when we go in knowing that the 49ers talent is just above where the Cardinals are right now?

Interested to hear your thoughts and then see how the results play out next week.

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